Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a server resource allocation technology, so it uses a part of it, but it creates its own environment and entity independent of the other users on the same server. VPS technology includes partitioning of the server (hardware) into several smaller servers that act as separate servers in all segments.

The greatest advantage of the VPS setup is the better allocation of required resources, adaptability to current needs, scalability and price.

Each of the VPS packages comes with a full managed maintenance service, i.e. our administrators will regularly maintain, patch and intervene on the VPS instance and provide all the technical help needed.


  • RAM 1024MB
  • vCPU 1 core
  • Bandwith 1TB
  • Disk 40GB
  • Network speed: 100Mbps
  • Fully managed
Operation system:

Windows: 650,00 kn/month

Linux: 600,00 kn/month


  • RAM 2048MB
  • vCPU 1 core
  • Bandwith 2TB
  • Disk 80GB
  • Network speed: 100Mbps
  • Fully managed
Operation system:

Windows: 950,00 kn/month

Linux: 900,00 kn/month


  • RAM 4096MB
  • vCPU 2 core
  • Bandwith 4TB
  • Disk 100GB
  • Network speed: 100Mbps
  • Fully managed
  • Remote (offline) backup
Operation system:

Windows: 1250,00 kn/mnth

Linux: 1200,00 kn/mnth

Aditional services:

  • Plesk control panel (windows / linux): 100,00 kn/month
  • Domain registration (com/net/org/info/biz/eu): 80,00 kn/year
  • Remote backup (100Gb): 150,00 kn/month

Fully managed service:

  • Administration of the system (OS setup, detecting problems and the initial setup of servers)
  • Network Management - IP / network setup and maintenance (network security and protection)
  • Monitoring - Monitoring the performance of the server, monitoring of the network resources and proactive operation (24/7)
  • If the client requires a full system account, the obligations and responsibilities are additionally defined

Operation system

  • Windows 2012/2016
  • Cent OS

Web hosting

Web hosting is intended for users with less demanding Internet content and websites.

The service is located on the Internet servers set up and maintained by our administrators and includes the regular backup of files and all other activities so the web pages could be available 24/7.

Web hosting packages:

  • Operation system: Linux / Windows
  • Control panel: Plesk
  • Server technology: MySQL, PHP, perl...
  • Number of domains: 1
  • Diskovni sppace (web): 1 GB
  • Nu,ber of email adresses: unlimited
  • Diskovni space for email: 1 GB
  • Bandwith: 30 GB
  • Price: 350,00 kn/year

All listed prices are without VAT.