Maintenance of computer systems

In order for the computer system to function properly, it has to be set up in the optimal manner and regularly monitored and maintained.

Within the scope of the “Computer system maintenance” service, the clients receive:

  • maintenance of five and more computers with the Windows or Linux operating systems
  • maintenance and setup of servers for sharing documents, printers and other resources
  • configuration and maintenance of safety procedures and settings
  • developing procedures for data storage
  • storage of backups and restoring data in the event of a malfunction
  • anti-virus protection
  • defining and maintaining system usage rights
  • other activities necessary for a quality performance of the computer system

When arranging this service, the first step is the analysis of the current state of the system, then defining and implementing actions so the system is put into an optimal condition. Afterwards, all maintenance and changes are done via remote administration.

If have the need to for a stable computer system or you currently have an emergency, contact us.