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Office 365 is a product of the Microsoft company based on cloud technology and is comprised of well known office tools used for document processing (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access) and safe access to email messages on its own Internet domain (Outlook), shared calendars and tasks (Exchange Online), access to files from any part of the world (SharePoint), sending instant messages (IM), managing network appointments (Lync) and virus & spam protection (Forefront).
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Collaboration and availability of program tools for text processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), presentations (Powerpoint) and advanced functionality of the Exchange server and SharePoint comprise the backbone of the cloud solution developed by Microsoft entitled Office 365. The basic premise of the Office 365 service is the ability to adjust to teams of different sizes and their needs for office tools and safe and stable communication via email, document sharing, group work on projects and access to resources from any location and from any device (computer or mobile device).

The tool most commonly used in the Office 365 service is the email service which is based on the Exchange technology, and uses Outlook or a web interface that simulates the appearance and complete functionality of Outlook as an access tool.

The greatest advantage of the Office 365 service are extremely high business savings made by smaller investments in servers (CAPEX), maintenance and licenses for software (OPEX). Considering how all of the office tools are available via a web browser and the data is located on the cloud, the end user needs a standard office computer to access the tools.

Triton grupa d.o.o. has so far successfully completed the migration of several clients from existing Exchange systems to Office 365 and our technicians possess an administrative certificate for the Office 365 tools.

Email and calendar (Exchange Online)

Emails on your own Internet domain
50 GB of space for emails
Shared use of calendar
Virus and spam protection

Office Web Apps

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft OneNote
Editing of documents via a web browser
100% compatibility with standard office tools

Website and shared use of files

Website for project management
Shared/group use of files
Sharing files with company employees and/or external users/partners
Simultaneous work by several users on a single document

Instant messaging and web conferencing

Communication via messages on the Internet
Organization and maintenance of web conferences
Shared use of desktop and video display
Ability to make phone calls


Microsoft Office 365 has several different licensing models and price ranges and for the best and most financially acceptable solution we should set up a small meeting where we would become acquainted with your needs and current situation, after which we could propose an adequate solution.

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